is moving

The service is moving to a new server and domain. This means that you will need to move your content to the new service at

The service will be set to read only on the 5th of July 2018 so please plan to migrate your existing GIT repositories well in advance of this date.

Also, if you are a consumer of the GitLab CE API you will need to update your client with the new URL to the service and generate new access tokens.

Please create an account at to get started.

Why do I have to migrate my data?

The service is available to all educational organizations in Norway that are connected to Dataporten, facilitating easier collaboration between users in the Norwegian education sector.

Unfortunately, we have found no reliable way to link existing UiB accounts in the service to Dataporten accounts, and to avoid having to manage multiple GitLab instances, the only realistic alternative is to migrate to a new service.

HOWTO migrate

  1. Any groups that have been created at must be manually recreated at
  2. Select a method below for migrating your data.

Method #1 – Manually using a clone/push combination

If you are not concerned with preserving  content such as issues or your wiki or the result of CI/CD jobs this simple method can be used.

  1. Clone your repository to your machine.
  2. Create a new project at
  3. Push your local repository to the new project.

Method #2 – Export and import your project

  1. Go to and navigate to your project.
  2. Select ‘Settings’ from the menu and expand the ‘Export project ‘ pane.
  3. Click on ‘Export project’ and follow the instructions.
  4. Go to and create a new project.
  5. Select the ‘Import project’ tab and then select ‘GitLab export’.

Method #3 – Import directly from using URL

  1. Go to, navigate to your account and create a Personal Access Token that can be used to authenticate when you import. Make sure to select the ‘api’ and ‘read_user’ scope. If your projects ‘visibility’ is set to ‘Public’ you can skip this step.
  2. Go to and create a new project.
  3. Select the ‘Import project’ tab and then select ‘Repo by URL’.
  4. The URL to your project on must be in the following format:

    Do not include the curly braces {}, they are only used for clarity in this example.